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Opinion: CHIP continues to be affordable, comprehensive … and necessary

By Cody Belzley

If it ain’t broke, why mess with it? This may be simple reasoning, but sometimes simple makes sense. A national analysis released this week confirms what we’ve long known: the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) offers affordable, high-quality coverage for America’s kids. The study also emphasizes that CHIP coverage continues to be relevant and necessary even in the context of health reform. But unless Congress acts quickly, this success story could end next year and millions of children in the U.S. could lose this lifeline.

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Opinion: Churning for dollars — There ought to be a law

By Donna Smith Remember Liz Fowler? She was the Wellpoint executive who took a brief sabbatical from her direct paychecks from the private health insurance industry to write the Affordable Care Act while working for Senator Max Baucus. Once that project was wrapped up, Liz went to work briefly for the U.S. Department of Health…

Care coordinator Sarah Bryson helps patient Roger Mondragon in Fort Collins. Bryson visits the doctor with Mondragon, who has complex health problems. to keep him on track and out of the hospital.

Health scorecard: Medicaid programs deliver only modest savings

By Katie Kerwin McCrimmon

KEYSTONE — Medicaid patients who get access to “medical homes” are supposed to get better care and save taxpayers money, but so far, savings are minimal, prompting analysts to give Colorado a lower grade this year for delivering health care.

Bob Semro

Opinion: Surveys show ACA working, popular with enrollees

By Bob Semro

New survey and poll results show that the number of uninsured Americans has dropped to its lowest level since 2008. Gallup Well-Being, the Commonwealth Fund and Kaiser Family Foundation released poll and survey information last week, and it gives us a picture of how the ACA is meeting its goals of insuring more Americans and providing greater access to health care. And while overall public opinion is still mixed, the Affordable Care Act appears to be rather popular among those who are newly covered, even among Republicans.