Dr. Anthony Vigil

Opinion: Assisted suicide debate began decades ago and little has changed

By Dr. Anthony Vigil

Since ancient times, some suffering, incurable patients have had the desire to end their lives, and some physicians could be always be found who would comply with a patient’s request. Hippocrates (or other physicians) found this offensive and against the role of the physician as healer, and included the “no assisted suicide” clause in the Hippocratic oath.

Bob Smith headshot cropped

Opinion: Five myths and misperceptions about health care that hurt your bottom line

By Donna Marshall and Robert Smith

Several myths and misperceptions about healthcare — typically unspoken and mostly unexamined— pervade the C-Suite of many employers where minds and efforts focus, understandably, on matters more immediate to their own organization’s success in a still recovering economy. We could probably rattle off at least a dozen, but we will summarize five of the most intrinsically harmful.

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris sees childhood trauma as a public health crisis that can be reversed.

Childhood trauma a public health crisis

By Katie Kerwin McCrimmon

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris could easily become despondent over the sick and troubled children she sees in an area of San Francisco that houses a sewage treatment plant and the poor.

Instead, Burke Harris’ eyes light up as she talks about confronting the disturbing topics of childhood trauma and the toxic stress that results from it.