Jade Woodard and Becky Updike Miller

Opinion: Protect all Coloradans from the dangers of child abuse

By Jade Woodard and Becky Miller Updike

The media are rife with stories of drug endangered children – children involved in sex trafficking rings being traded for drugs, parents drinking too much alcohol or taking too much medication and accidentally suffocating their children while co-sleeping, children eating their parent’s marijuana edibles and being taken to the emergency rooms, hash oil labs exploding, and on and on. The stories are numerous and tragic.

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Fee to fund exchange would hit all Coloradans with health insurance

A $13 million fee on all Coloradans with health insurance would pay half the operating costs at the state health exchange next year and in 2016 under the newest financial projections.

The proposed fee would affect at least 875,000 people and includes Coloradans who get their insurance through their employers or outside the exchange.

Health officials have been trying to promote the safety of immunizations through public health campaigns like the Colorado effort, Immunize for Good. (Photo courtesy www.ImmunizeforGood.com.)

Vaccine bill gutted, school ratings survive

By Katie Kerwin McCrimmon

Sponsors of a bill that would have made it tougher for parents to skip vaccines had to gut a key part of their bill on Wednesday after they couldn’t muster enough support in the Senate — including the endorsement of a veteran public health nurse.

The immunization measure, House Bill 14-1288, no longer requires parents to get their provider’s signature or take an online class to show they understand the risks if they want to opt out of vaccines.