Francis M. Miller

Opinion: Getting that sinking feeling about Colorado’s health exchange

By Francis M. Miller

Donna Smith recently penned an opinion piece about accountability at the Connect for Health Colorado health exchange. Smith and I are usually at opposite ends of the opinion spectrum. But, sometimes that spectrum is really a circle and the ends meet. Smith’s series of opinion pieces are spot-on and she writes from the heart. She has the unique ability to perceive the problems with the exchange and call a spade a spade. I admire that in her. That being said, I think we need to reframe this situation.

Donna Smith head shot cropped

Opinion: There ought to be a law to protect us from this mess

By Donna Smith

The way so many people in Colorado have had to put up with health-zapping “glitches” using the Connect for Health Colorado exchange should mean someone is held accountable. Going without coverage for which you signed up is more than inconvenient. For many people, going without coverage for health issues that need attention is risky and costly.