Bob Semro

Opinion: Misleading political ads on ACA coming to a TV near you

By Bob Semro

Now that the Affordable Care Act has exceeded its enrollment goals and reduced the number of uninsured Americans, we can have some peace and quiet. Right? Not hardly. Midterm elections are seven months away, but we’re already seeing political ads targeting the Affordable Care Act and legislators who supported it. Americans for Prosperity, an organization that opposes the ACA, is running one such ad in a number of states, including Colorado.

Students smoke pot during their lunch break outside East High School in Denver. Joe Mahoney - I-News at Rocky Mountain PBS.

‘Feeding frenzy’ over $20 million in pot cash could sharply cut youth prevention

By Katie Kerwin McCrimmon

The promise of a flood of pot cash to fund youth prevention and treatment programs is in jeopardy after lawmakers decided Tuesday to spend just $20 million and wait until mid-2015 to see how much the state actually nets before handing out any additional marijuana revenues.