Bob Semro

Opinion: Misleading political ads on ACA coming to a TV near you

By Bob Semro

Now that the Affordable Care Act has exceeded its enrollment goals and reduced the number of uninsured Americans, we can have some peace and quiet. Right? Not hardly. Midterm elections are seven months away, but we’re already seeing political ads targeting the Affordable Care Act and legislators who supported it. Americans for Prosperity, an organization that opposes the ACA, is running one such ad in a number of states, including Colorado.

Michael Booth and Jennifer Brown

Dirty little secrets uncovered about food safety

By Jane Hoback

Denver Post reporters Jennifer Brown and Mike Booth had been working on stories for months about the 2011 listeria outbreak in Colorado-grown cantaloupe that killed 33 people. The more questions they asked, the more troubling they found the problems: widespread contamination of not only fruit, but also vegetables, meat and poultry; irresponsibility on the part of food companies; lack of oversight from a jumble of government agencies charged with regulating the nation’s food supply.